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LifeSciences BC – Sauder MBA Internship with Life Science Companies in BC


2015 2nd Annual LifeSciences BC – Sauder MBA Internship for Life Sciences Companies in B.C.



The Sauder School of Business MBA program is one of Canada’s finest.  Its graduate students are strategic thinkers, with analytical minds, eager to put to good use the sophisticated, leading-edge business practices they have acquired while studying at UBC’s preeminent business school.

This is your opportunity as one of BC’s employers, to hire for a summer’s duration, the keen mind of a Sauder MBA student. The interns have proven their worth over and over again by saving sponsoring companies critical dollars in lost revenues by implementing process efficiencies, managing new product development with innovative marketing tactics, while consulting on numerous business issues during a normal 40 hour work week.

Elements of the programme:

  • Sauder MBA’s available for a minimum 8 week internship
  • Ability to pick-up projects requiring resources
  • Life Sciences BC will have matched funding available for interships
  • Programme is focused on preparing MBAs for Life Sciences employment
  • 12 MBAs were placed last year with B.C. Life Sciences companies through this programme

Important dates for the programme:

  • January 8: Kick-off at LSBC event
  • January 19: Presentation to employers
  • January 22: Meet and greet with MBA students at LSBC Open House
  • February 15: Jobs posted
  • April 30: Job postings close
  • May: Interviews

The Internship Overview:

  • Calendar Period: May – August
  • Working Period: 8 – 16 weeks
  • Average monthly Salary: $3,500.00

Candidate Profile:

  • Class size: 85
  • Average Years of Work Experience: 5
  • Diversity of Student Population: 58% international from 29 countires
  • Languages spoken: 71% of the students speak two or more languages.

For more information, please click here.

If your company is a SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise), your company may be eligible for a funding support for this program. If you are interested, please contact Winnie Han.


Winnie Han,
Administrative Coordinator
LifeSciences BC
604-669-9909 x101